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Our Services

Eddinger's offers a full line of residential, commercial and industrial services including general household pest control, lawn & ornamental, termite inspection, treatment and baiting, and once-a-year residential pest control. Most residential service calls start at $30 per month.

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Our plan to control your pest problem


Locate the source


Determine the best solution




Continued follow up services

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Termite Defense

Starts At $299

When the termites get into your house treatment can cost thousands, Eddinger Pest Control offers termite baiting around your property so they don't end up in your home. We come back every 12 weeks for inspection. 

1X Home Pest Protection

Starts at $299 

Here at Eddinger's we know time is money, we offer our one time pest control services .

What We Do : Dusting of the attic, dusting of the light switches, sockets. Granular treat of outside perimeter. Treat inside the house.

This service comes with a 90 day warranty.

NOTE :It does not cover for termites, bed bugs, rodent, fleas and ticks.

           Every 4 weeks

Starts at $35

If you're having a serious problem with bugs this option might be the best for you. If you have an infestation our service technician will assess the situation and put you on a regular program to get rid of your problems!

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