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Pest Tips

Here in Florida, it's hard to keep pests out. From ants to termites, here are a few helpful tips on keeping your home or business pest free.



Ants are a pest to every house holds home,  they are social insects with different duties. You have the queen who produces eggs, the male who’s apparent purpose is to only mate with the queen, and female which are the workers who feed and defend the colony. The best way to treat ants is by baiting but make sure to not leave any food or other sweets out so there would be no competing food source with the bait.



To properly prevent cockroaches from entering your home it is best to not place paper bags near fridges since chances are that eggs might be hidden, placing it near the fridge will have the result of the eggs incubating then hatching and eventually infesting your home or work of place. Make sure to take all boxes outside

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Mosquitos are known to carry all sorts of diseases from malaria to dengue fever, the best way to stop them from running all over the place is to make sure no still water is left behind your backyard weather  it be in a set of old tires or water in the playground. If you already have mosquitos around your property it is best to use an electric zapper with a mosquito specific attractant with it to assure proper targeted pest.


Termites are the last thing you wanna see at your home, the treatment can be expensive if the termites have already invaded your house. Termites have a natural sense to eat dead wood and cellulose, sometimes termite may just target a wooden cabinet or any wooden objects the solution can be as simple as throwing the wooden material away but make sure to hire a professional to determine if termites have come to contact to house itself. 

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